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Software Library: MS-DOS Games
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Platform DOS Released 1991 Genre Strategy/Tactics Pacing Real-Time, Turn-based Perspective Side view Gameplay Artillery Visual 2D scrolling Description It's all-out war in Scorched Earth , an artillery combat game. You and up to nine friends can duke it out on hills and in valleys as you nuke each other into submission in this turn-based tank battle. At the start of each round, each player purchases their weaponry, and if they choose, shields and parachutes for defense and safety from long...
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Software Library: MS-DOS Games
by Leaping Lizard Software, Inc.
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Published by Maxis Software Inc. Developed by Leaping Lizard Software, Inc. Released 1993 Also For FM Towns, Macintosh, PC-98, Windows, Windows 3.x ESRB Rating Kids to Adults Genre Simulation, Strategy Perspective Top-Down Theme Managerial Description Take control and manage a virtual farm, buying and selling lifestock and planting and maintaning crops. There is a changing weather system and realistic seasons important to the running of your farm. From Original Entry
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Software Library: MS-DOS Games
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MS-DOS: Oregon Trail Deluxe, The by (1992)
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